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Technology development, online agreements and cavalier attitudes towards fairness have escalated the consumer’s vulnerability to financial risk, at a staggering rate. to A wide range of modern threats include one-sided agreements clicked-on — where there is no counsel or understanding of the terms — predatory lending, mandatory arbitration clauses, undisclosed healthcare billings, sales and breaches of private data, improper credit score factors and calculations, political fundraising scams, unfair passenger treatment, and many other anti-consumer practices that can often be remedied, but usually not without the help of a competent legal team to apply pressure and/or bring an action.

With the recent advent of online commerce, it seems that many individuals and small businesses are caught up in a whirlwind of accelerated activity beyond their control. As an example, when the public processes payments, the consumer is often led into a one-sided trade practice by clicking a button acknowledging that the lengthy contract is fully understood and agreed with;
when, it’s actually rare if anyone knows which contract terms they’ve digitally signed and accepted, and there is no actual opportunity to review or negotiate such agreements. There are a record number of upcharges, automatic renewals, interest increases, unauthorized charges and more sinister scams, that sometimes go on for years. Many products and services are not what they claim to be, and there are federal and state rights going back to the days of President John F. Kennedy that aim to enforce laws that protect people’s health, safety and economic security. Identity integrity disruptions, data privacy violations, and a whole host of unfair trade practices ensue as the pursuit of incessant financial gain usually outpaces the proper safeguards. HaymesLaw reviews consumer affairs matter that create undue hardships, especially where the harm rises to the level of being objectively unconscionable.

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