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From Elvin to Adam, a comparative discussion. Courtesy of HaymesLaw, Miami, Florida, USA. Got your hands in the air, and they just don’t care. It’s been nearly 20 years since we secured justice in the Elvin case, with...
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Wondering why the ‘20 presidential election has been so difficult for many, here’s a reminder of what has contributed significantly to this reality saga about survival. Quick spoiler note: it’s about the candidate’s own. at least for some...
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A political overview leading up to the presidential election of November 3, 2020, and its aftermath. Some Final Thoughts on the Run-Up to the Presidential Election MIAMI — It’s that time of the election cycle again, when we...
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This Joe and Kamala image has loomed as a distinct ticket possibility, a favorite, since it was first published. Brands, Odds & the Overview on Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Candidate Selection We are now in the eleventh hour and...
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